Make us Your Family's Jeweler!

For generations, our customers have relied on The Whitney Gordon's to help guide them through the important times of their lives. Choosing the right ring, necklace or charm for the right occasion can be a very stressful endeavor without professional and caring assistance. We feature beautiful wedding and engagement rings, colored stone jewelry, the 925 Silver Catalog, and Rembrandt Charms for creating a charm bracelet one memory at a time. .

No Pressure, No Sales Pitch, No Worries!

Enjoy your experience in a casual environment.

We are 'not' a large chain store. We are 'not' a high pressure quantity over quality mall store. We 'are' a small, casual family owned store that promises to take as much time with you as you need. When you come into The Whitney Gordon's you will always be welcomed by one of the owners. Our year's of expertise will guide you through the process of picking out an affordable piece of jewelry that we will be proud to sell you! If it takes several trips to make your decision, not a problem, we will be happy each time to serve you with a smile and a whole bunch of understanding.

Handmade Sea Glass Jewelry!

Sterling silver pendants made in house with authentic sea glass,shells, and sand from Nantasket Beach in Hull, MA.,St. John's Antigua, and Sannibel Island, Florida. We can also customize these pendants with your sea treasures making it a special memory for you! We offer both large and small pendants.

Add-A-Pearl ProgramĀ  Add a pearl

An Add-A-Pearl necklace is the perfect gift for the girlĀ  in your life. Start her treasure today with a new necklace that you can add pearls to or have family and friends help continue the tradition.

We can custom make your


Have a great diamond, or colored stone, but would rather it be in another ring? We do that! We can custom cast, mount and size almost any type of ring, earrings, or necklaces.

When taking in an afternoon in Hingham Square for a movie at the 'Loring Hall', browsing in store windows such as 'Carolann's', or just grabbing an ice cream at 'Nona's', poke your head in our store and have a look around. We won't be trying to sell you, but we will be happy to assist you in anyway we can.

Michael & Lorrie Campbell

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